- Michael Giuffrida, M.D.

It has been exactly one year since my plastic surgery and I couldn’t be any more ecstatic with the results. I came to Dr. Giuffrida because I had lost 150lbs and had a great deal of hanging skin – my muscles and body were toned but I could do nothing to fix the skin. Dr. Giuffrida was very sensitive to my concerns about down time as I was preparing for an endurance sporting event and also set very real goals and expectations for me. Marilyn and the rest of Dr.Giuffrida’s staff did everything that they could to calm my fears and anxiety over making the changes. I had a breast lift, tummy tuck and thigh lift – all of this was done at the Doylestown Wellness Center and I went home that same day. I did not have a single worry the day of my surgery – the staff was incredible, Dr. Giuffrida answered all of my questions and I walked out to the car that same day – it was incredible! 2 days later I was walking around the block and in no time I was doing all the things I loved to do. I followed Dr. Giuffrida’s directions exactly as he gave them to me; from the surgery support vitamins, to wearing the proper compression garments for the right length of time, to changing my exercise schedule in order to give my body time to heal – he is a miracle worker – my body looks great. I can proudly go out and compete in events now and not be embarrassed by the extra skin – at this point you can’t even see the scars – you would never even know I had surgery. I have continued with services at Dr. Giuffrida’s office for skin care and various other treatments and I am thrilled with their professionalism, caring, kindness and compassion that they show to every person that walks through their door.

When I began seeing changes in my appearance that I did not like, I was not sure if anything beneficial could be accomplished by surgery. On my first consultation with Dr. Michael Giuffrida I recognized immediately his genuine concern and respect for my well being. He is a true professional, skilled and creative. Through talking with him in consultation he outlined a direction to obtain the goal I was hoping for. From the moment I looked at myself after the surgery he performed, I could see immediate improvement, and after the healing phase I was absolutely delighted with the results he had achieved. I give him my highest recommendation as a plastic surgeon and will absolutely request his surgical services for any future plastic surgery improvement that I may want.

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