A.R. - Michael Giuffrida, M.D.

Dr Giuffrida has performed several surgeries on me. A breast augmentation/mastopexy when I was age 50 and then 4 years later I had an abdominoplasty. I am an anesthetist and I have worked with Dr G and several other plastic surgeons. Dr G is by far the most excellent as far as technique and care. When it comes to breast augmentation he is an artist in shaping the breast and achieving natural results. He takes great care in closing his incisions to minimize and hide scars. After 13 years, I am still very happy with the procedure and never regretted my decision. I definitely love my flat belly as well. I had always had a “roll” and hated how I looked in pants and jeans, so I always wore my shirts out. This was a great experience as well and again I am very happy that I went ahead with the surgery. I know personally and professionally that Dr.G is a warm caring physician who loves what he does and it shows in the results!

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