R.L. - Michael Giuffrida, M.D.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to say THANK YOU for all the support from your staff. I’m a 55 year old Patient Accounts Manager for a non-for-profit company. My surgery was to take off the extra body of fat and skin around my stomach area. After years of wearing control panties, control top pantyhose, and clothes to hide this excess I decided to have it removed. My goal for the surgery was to improve my appearance. Your service gave me the opportunity to begin to correct some areas of my outward appearance, which I did not think I would be able to change. The staff was very helpful and was able to explain the process in detail and helped me select the best plan for my financial situation. What a difference, not only for a flat area at my stomach, but my clothes fit better. I wish I had done this years ago. I could not have expected a more professional and more personable experience than the one I encountered. I believe that the main advantage of my overall experience was being in the hands of a wonderful surgeon. Thank you Dr. Giuffrida, and a special thank you to your wonderful staff Marilyn and Patty.

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