When is the Best Time to Get Your Mommy Makeover?
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When is the Best Time to Get Your Mommy Makeover?

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Mommy makeover surgery is on the rise. The procedure, which is actually a combination of a few different procedures, has grown in popularity steadily over the last 10 years. It seems that women are coming to feel that getting their bodies back after pregnancy is something that they deserve, if it’s what they want. For women whose stomachs have become distended or whose breasts have drooped significantly following childbearing, a mommy makeover can be an incredibly gratifying experience.

If you’re thinking about undergoing mommy makeover, it’s important to wait until you have finished having children. If you’re not sure if you want more kids or not, it’s a good idea to hold off on mommy makeover surgery until you are positive. Going through with the procedure and then having another child will simply undo the whole process and could complicate breastfeeding if you choose to get breast implants.

If you’re sure that your family is complete, wait at least six months following the completion of breastfeeding. Once your body is done lactating and you are back to a stable weight, you can start looking for a plastic surgeon.

Of course, there’s no rush. That’s the earliest you should consider undergoing surgery. If you have the time and flexibility, give yourself a little bit longer to make sure that your body is fully adjusted to its new state of being and that you actually want the procedure. You may find that once you grow accustomed to your new body, you might be perfectly comfortable and happy with it.

And remember that you will need help for at least a week following your procedure, and probably longer. If you are a stay at home mom, you’ll likely want to arrange child care for at least the first few weeks following your procedure to give your body time to rest.

That said, if you’re done having kids and want to give your appearance a boost, contact me today to discuss possible treatment options. As a leading plastic surgeon in Venice Beach, I have helped a number of women regain their confidence and figures following childbearing through female plastic surgery.

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