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Welcome! My name is Dr. Michael Giuffrida, and I offer personalized cosmetic surgery experiences to the men and women located in Santa Barbara, CA and surrounding areas. Whether you’re a returning client, heard about my practice through a friend, or are simply trying to find a discreet and talented Santa Barbara plastic surgeon, you’re most likely here for one reason: you want to learn more about the possibilities of modern plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery gives adult women and men of every age the opportunity to enhance their appearance with natural results. But, just as no two bodies are alike, no two plastic surgeons share precisely the same approach to consultation, procedure, and care. Please explore the treatment options below to learn more about my unique approach to plastic surgery.

Personalized Treatment Options



What Clients Say About Us:

Best Plastic Surgeon in Santa Barbara

Dr. Michael Giuffrida is one of best plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara that brings a personalized approach to plastic surgery that every client will appreciate. Through his extensive education and experience, Dr. Giuffrida has learned that no two procedures or patients are the same. Therefore, he takes the time necessary to work with every patient that comes into his office to ensure that they receive the results that they want.

Personalized Consultation

Every patient will have a complete consultation before undergoing any procedure. Both the doctor and staff will listen to the concerns and goals of the patient to help them determine which procedure is best for them. For example, a client that wants fuller breasts may be able to achieve this look with a breast lift, but most clients believe that this will require a breast augmentation. Dr. Giuffrida will take the time to discuss a patient’s goals as well as the procedures necessary to achieve their goals.


Clients often walk into their first appointment with very little knowledge regarding the different procedures that are used. For example, most patients know that liposuction is an exceptional way to get rid of excess fat, but they do not realize that there are several different forms of liposuction. Dr. Giuffrida will take the time to determine which procedure is best for the patient, and to educate them on the procedure. After being educated on procedures, patients can make plastic surgery decisions with confidence.

Experienced Plastic Surgeon In Santa Barbara

Dr. Michael Giuffrida is more than just another surgeon in Santa Barbara. He has the experience and skill of multiple surgeons. With board certifications and several years experience under his belt, patients can always rest assured that they are in good hands when they walk through the doors of the best plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara. To learn more about his extensive education and experience.

Complete Privacy

One of the primary concerns among cosmetic surgery patients is their privacy. Most people do not advertise that they have received liposuction or a tummy tuck. Some patients will feel embarrassed if they are in a waiting room with several other people. That is why the office looks discrete, the staff is small, and the client roster is small. Patients will never find themselves in a waiting room with a lot of other clients or be concerned about their privacy. House calls are also available for those that do not want to be seen in the waiting room. Dr. Giuffrida values his patients and respects their privacy.

Dr. Michael Giuffrida brings more to his practice than being able to perform liposuction for male and female or other cosmetic surgery procedures. He brings a level of personalization and consideration to the office that other surgeons in Santa Barbara cannot compare with. Therefore, he is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in Santa Barbara and will continue to be at the top of the list.

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