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Dr. Giuffrida Provides Answers to Plastic Surgery Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ 1: How many patients does Dr. Giuffrida see every day?

    I prefer to keep my client roster to a select list of patients. At some plastic surgery centers, you’ll hear a lot more about their financing plans then you will about their actual procedures. This is because the less reputable Santa Barbara plastic surgeon will want to see as many patients as they possibly can.

    That isn’t my goal. I prefer to take the time to get to know each of my patients personally so that I can create a treatment plan that is custom designed to their specific wants and needs. In my practice, quality is vastly more important than quantity.

  • FAQ 2: Can you ensure my privacy?

    One of the benefits of having an office that is run by just myself and one other person is that we are able to create an extremely private and serene environment. Our Santa Barbara office does not stand out as a plastic surgery center, and you will never sit in a waiting room with dozens of other people. If coming to our office presents a concern to your privacy, I am happy to arrange house-calls on an as-needed basis.

  • FAQ 3: How do I know if I'm ready for cosmetic surgery?

    The choice to undergo cosmetic surgery is a personal choice that only you can make. If you’re thinking about undergoing plastic surgery to please someone else, stop right there. Cosmetic changes should be for yourself, and you should think carefully about what your goals are and why you want to undergo a particular procedure. Be sure to choose a plastic surgeon that you feel you can talk to openly about your concerns and goals to avoid feeling pressured and help ensure that your results, if you choose to proceed, are in line with what you’re hoping for.

  • FAQ 4: What procedures do you offer?

    I am fully trained and certified to perform all current cosmetic surgical procedures. I’m also fully trained on nonsurgical procedures such as Botox and Juviderm. Check the photo gallery to see before and after images of men and women that I have treated in the past.

    I am most extensively trained and experienced with treating skin conditions and body contour issues. If your skin is damaged by age or other skin conditions, I can create a customized skin repair program using topical treatments, injectables, and laser treatments. I’m able to both diagnose skin conditions from a medical standpoint and provide solutions that will not just fix the problem but make the skin beautiful again.

    My second area of expertise is liposuction, which is the most common cosmetic surgery performed in the US but also the procedure with one of the highest patient dissatisfaction rates. This is because many people performing liposuction are not surgeons or are not board certified in plastic surgery at all. Even the occasional board certified plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara, CA, will not treat liposuction as a personalized, detailed procedure.

    I’ve been performing liposuctions since 1994, and I am trained in all types of liposuction procedures. Under my care, you will receive a procedure that is tailored to your specific body type, expectations, activity level, and tastes.

  • FAQ 5: Will my insurance cover my procedure?

    Some high-end insurance plans will cover cosmetic procedures, but every plan is different. Check with your insurance provider to determine whether your chosen procedure is covered, either partially or in full.