Plastic Surgery for Men in Santa Barbara, Gynecomastia Surgery for Male Near You

Treatments for Men

Improve Your Physique and Radiate Confidence

Over the last decade or so, more and more men have realized the potential benefits of cosmetic surgery. The fact of the matter is that when most men reach middle age, diet and exercise become much less effective at keeping away unwanted fat, particularly in areas like the chest, abdomen, and upper hips. If you’re a generally healthy person, but your body just doesn’t reflect the level of fitness that you wish it did, plastic surgery for men is a great option for achieving your physical goals.

There are number of different cosmetic procedures that men in Santa Barbara seek to improve their physiques, including male breast reduction and male liposuction. Liposuction for men is particularly effective, and has come a long way in its ability to be customized and maximized. Under the care of the right Santa Barbara plastic surgeon, liposuction can be used to target fatty areas that have become resistant to diet and exercise. Regardless of your particular age or shape, your liposuction procedure can be perfectly tailored to suit your specific body and needs.

Liposuction tends to be even more effective in men than it is in women because men’s skin has a tendency to retain its elasticity longer than female skin, and fat deposits in men also tend to be more firm and thus easier to treat than they are in women.

Recent advances in liposuction for men have even made it possible to give clients a sculpted look. Rather than simply removing fat, a well-trained Santa Barbara plastic surgeon can actually use liposuction to enhance muscle tone and create an appearance that is more chiseled and defined.

I should note, however, that these advances are quite new and not many Santa Barbara surgeons are fully trained in these techniques. As with any surgery, it’s important to do your research and choose a Santa Barbara surgeon that has several years of experience and a strong reputation that you can trust.

In my practice, I’ve been performing plastic surgery for men for over 20 years. At my new Santa Barbara location, I prefer to keep my practice small so that I can get to know my clients individually and help them create a treatment plan that suits their specific wants and needs. Over the years, I have helped countless men fight the signs of aging and achieve results that help them look and feel more confident, vital, and youthful.