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Helping You Look Fresher, Healthier and Younger

The facelift is one of those procedures that has come a long way over the last twenty years. I’m sure we can all remember seeing men and women ten or so years ago who looked like someone was constantly pulling on the back of their scalp, but that is no longer the case. Or at least it shouldn’t be. While the facelift procedure has matured and become much more customizable, many so-called plastic surgeons have not kept up with the times.

If you are considering a facelift in Santa Barbara, keep in mind that while your procedure may be done the same way by two different surgeons, one will be more skilled, more artful, and more attentive to detail than the other. Your task is to find the plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara who you feel you can trust to give you the best possible results.

And what are the best possible results with a facelift?

Ideally, you’ll achieve a fresher, healthier look that makes you appear anywhere from ten to fifteen years younger. As we age, our skin naturally begins to sag, and the natural fats in our faces that round out our cheeks tend to vanish from the places that we want them and reappear in places that we don’t. Wrinkles deepen, and gravity takes its toll on all of us. Facelifts can help correct all of these issues.

The best results for your facelift will depend entirely on your unique facial structure and your personal goals. The great thing about modern facelifts is that they can be completely customized so that your results appear incredibly natural and flattering. If you are very dissatisfied with your current appearance, you can use a facelift combined with a brow lift or eyelid surgery to achieve dramatic results. Or, if you’re just feeling a bit droopy in your neck or cheeks and want a subtle improvement, you can do that, too.

With my Santa Barbara patients, I like to spend time one-on-one getting to know the person as a whole and the results that they are hoping to achieve. Taking a holistic approach to care, I want to give my Santa Barbara patients the opportunity to get all of their questions answered, examine all of their options, and take part in crafting a treatment plan that is perfectly customized to their unique wishes.

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