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Breast Augmentation

Feel More Confident and Beautiful

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. Over the years, breast augmentation surgery has improved substantially, allowing women of every age and body type to obtain customized results suited to their specific wishes. The procedure can be performed on its own or in combination with a breast lift or a tummy tuck to help you feel more confident, beautiful, and youthful.

Many women tend to think that because breast implants are so common, it doesn’t really matter who you choose as your Santa Barbara plastic surgeon. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like any surgery, it’s important to find a best Santa Barbara plastic surgeon that has the experience you need and a reputation that you can trust. Many people performing breast augmentations in Santa Barbara are not board certified and/or aren’t up to date on the latest developments in breast surgery. Such surgeons are more interested in performing as many procedures as possible than they are in creating beautiful results that look and feel as natural as possible.

Over 20 Years of Experience Performing Breast Augmentation Surgery

I’ve been performing breast augmentation surgery for over twenty years, and the reasons that different women undergo the procedure vary dramatically. Every woman’s reasons are personal and unique, and every woman’s procedure should be personal and unique, as well.

Whether you have lopsided breasts, have lost breast mass to weight loss or childbearing, or simply wish that your breasts were better proportioned to the rest of your body, it’s important to choose a plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara who will take the time to understand your wishes, answer your questions, and create a treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to your wishes.

As a successful Santa Barbara plastic surgeon, I like to keep my practice small so that I have the time and energy to give only the best to my select list of clients. Unlike other Santa Barbara offices that try to get as many men and women in their doors as possible, I am much more interested in providing my clients with personalized care that exceeds their expectations.

If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation in Santa Barbara, consider scheduling your first appointment. During our time together, I will meet with you personally to discuss your plastic surgery goals and answer any questions you may have. The choice to consider plastic surgery is a personal one, which is why I keep my Santa Barbara office as private and comfortable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions(F. A. Q.)

What is the difference between breast augmentation and breast implants?

Breast implants are the saline and silicone gel-filled inserts that are used to improve the shape of the breasts. Breast augmentation is the name of the implant surgical procedure.

How likely is it that I will get an infection after the surgery?

Hematomas and infections related to the surgery usually occur within the first two weeks following surgery.

Should I have any concern about breast implants affecting nipple sensation or lactating?

It is not uncommon for patients to have heightened or lowered sensation following surgery, sensation should return to normal within a few months. It is possible to breastfeed with breast implants.

Will I be able to tell if there is a problem with my breast implants?

Early signs of complications with the breast implant surgery are redness of the skin around the breast, swelling that does not go down and or a burning sensation. Long term care includes noticing changes or discomfort including, excessive fluid buildup around the breast implant, which can cause pain, swelling, or lumps in the breast or armpit are warning signs of a possible problem.