Female plastic surgery specialist in Santa Barbara, Buttocks Shaping treatment for women

Treatments for Women

Helping Women of all Ages Achieve Their Cosmetic Goals

As your Santa Barbara plastic surgeon, I have a full range of experience in all types of plastic surgeries for women. Whether you’re in your late 20s and could never quite fall in love with the body you were given, a mother looking to reclaim her body from the effects of childbirth, or a mature woman hoping to recapture her youthful spark, I’ve helped countless women get to the heart of their plastic surgery goals and provided them with a custom plan of action for their unique needs.

Liposuction for Women

Liposuction may be the most popular female plastic surgery in Santa Barbara. It is a viable way to remove unwanted fat from areas that are hard to affect with diet and exercise alone. Every woman’s body is different, and therefore no two liposuction procedures are the same. Whether you’d like to smooth out your entire abdomen or simply trim a little hard-to-burn fat under your chin, you’ll need a plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara who you can speak openly with about your body and your goals. You’ll also need someone who can create a custom plan that suits your frame, age, and activity level, which is precisely what I provide.

The Tummy Tuck

Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck can be performed on its own or as part of mommy makeover surgery. Tummy tucks are usually preferred by women who are in good physical health but who have pockets of loose skin on their abdomens from previous pregnancies or from dramatic weight loss. As with all of my procedures, I help my Santa Barbara clients choose the specific type of abdominoplasty that is right for their needs and body types.

Breast Surgery

Being happy with your breasts can make a huge impact on your self-confidence. Whether you want to replace lost volume, enhance your natural curves, or reduce your breasts to a more manageable size, I’ll help you understand all of your options in terms of implants, lifts, and reduction to help you achieve the profile that you once had (or that you’ve always dreamed of). Breast surgery can be combined with liposuction or a tummy tuck as part of a mommy makeover, or it can be done alone to enhance the overall composition of your unique body.

Buttocks Shaping

Age and genetics are two of the main factors that keep women in Santa Barbara from having the buttocks they want. After gaining a solid understanding of their motivations and goals, I’ve helped many women in Santa Barbara achieve the shape they hoped for through contouring, injections, and/or lifts.