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When is Liposuction a Good Idea?

If you’ve thought about getting liposuction in Santa Barbara, you’re probably wondering whether the procedure makes sense for you. For a lot of people, liposuction can be an extremely gratifying experience that helps them get rid of those last few pounds that have stopped responding to diet and exercise. However, many people make the mistake…

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Santa Monica Lipo

Time Committed to Your Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is something you can’t decide to do on a whim and be perfectly recovered from within a few days. It’s a surgical procedure that requires the careful hand of a skilled plastic surgeon. If you’ve been contemplating liposuction for a while, but you’re worried about how long the whole process will take — from…

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Venice Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Giuffrida’s Monthly Q&A: August 2015

I want my abs to look more defined.  How can I achieve this look with lipo? Great question! Many people wrongly assume that liposuction is a weight loss treatment. This isn’t actually the case. Liposuction, when done correctly, should remove no more than two to five pounds of fat. The procedure is actually meant to…

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