Exploring the Lesser Known Benefits of a Tummy Tuck
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Exploring the Lesser Known Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

We all know that there are a lot of great physical reasons to consider a tummy tuck. As a Venice plastic surgeon, tummy tucks are among the top procedures that my clients request, and with good reason.

As we grow older, diet and exercise keep us healthy and happy, but many of us start to gain pooches on our stomach that simply stop responding to healthy living habits. For some people, drastic weight loss can transform their life and their body, but the excess skin left behind can make all that effort feel a little less worthwhile. In situations like these, a tummy tuck can take your body and your confidence to the next level.

But beyond the physical benefits of tummy tucks, there are also medical benefits for many people.

When you receive a tummy tuck, excess fat is removed, skin is tightened, and the muscles of your abdomen are actually surgically tightened, as well. For people who have a distended abdomen, either as an effect of pregnancy or sudden weight loss, those distended muscles can cause lower back pain and make you more prone to ventral hernias. When you receive a tummy tuck, your abdominal muscles will be surgically tightened, actually making your core stronger, which in turn supports your spine and reduces the risk of hernia.

Many people who receive tummy tucks feel their posture improve because their stomach muscles are better able to support a healthy spine.

In the case of drastic weight loss, studies have found that tummy tucks actually help people keep more weight off longer. This is partly due to the fact that the physical rewards of weight loss become more appreciable when a tummy tuck gets rid of unsightly excess skin and those last few pounds. The sense of pride and accomplishment that goes along with weight loss is only magnified after a tummy tuck. Check out this article in The Wall Street Journal to read more about that.

To learn more about how a tummy tuck surgery in Santa Monica could improve both your confidence and your health, set up your initial consultation. I look forward to the chance to meet with you personally and discuss your cosmetic surgery questions, concerns, and goals.

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