Top 5 Things to Look for in a Venice Plastic Surgeon
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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Venice Plastic Surgeon

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If you’re considering plastic surgery in Venice Beach, know that the most important decision you will make is who you choose as your doctor. The right doctor can help ensure that you are not only happy with your results but also with your level of care and your personal comfort. When choosing your Venice plastic surgeon, here are five things that you should look for in order to make your experience as positive as possible.

  1. Board certification in plastic surgery

There’s no requirement that a doctor hold a board certification specifically in plastic surgery in order to practice as a plastic surgeon. Do your homework and make sure that your surgeon is board certified.

  1. Years of experience

A plastic surgeon fresh out of med school may be cheaper, but chances are they aren’t going to provide you with the same results as a more experienced surgeon. Make sure that whoever you choose has a good amount of experience in the particular procedure that you are interested in.

  1. Personal care

There is a tendency in this town for plastic surgeons to barely even meet with patients ahead of surgery. They’ll have nurses and lower-level staff do consultations and only come in for final checks and the actual procedure. This is how mistakes get made and lines of communication get crossed.

It’s important to choose a plastic surgeon who will take the time to get to know you personally and to understand what you’re hoping to achieve. By communicating one-on-one you can be sure that your plastic surgeon will have a solid sense of your goals.

  1. A high level of comfort

In the wrong hands, a plastic surgery consultation can be a bit traumatic. Chances are you’re coming in for a consultation because there is a part of your body that you are uncomfortable with. Having that part of your body exposed and examined, poked and prodded can be extremely uncomfortable. That’s why it’s so important to choose a plastic surgeon who will have respect for your body, your choices, and for you as a person. Choose a surgeon who you feel comfortable talking to and being completely honest with. That will help ensure that you get the results you really want.

  1. Beautiful, natural looking results

Finally, be sure to look at a lot of before-and-after pictures of procedures done specifically by your plastic surgeon to make sure that he or she can achieve the kind of results you’re looking for. Talk to past patients about their experiences and find out for yourself whether or not your surgeon can be trusted to provide you with results that are in line with your expectations.

Michael Giuffrida

Michael A. Giuffrida, MD

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